Hypnosis II

Hypnotize your friends and family, exercise your brain, just have fun!

Hypnosis II is an optical illusion dashboard, allowing you to call up 50 optical illusions, funky images and moving spirals. Besides being fun optical illusions can help you think in multiple dimensions (why does this 2D image look 3D?), enhance critical thinking skills (why do these dots look like they are moving?), and even help you with some memory recall (try to draw a detailed copy without looking at it).

Includes famous optical illusions like the Hermann Grid, the café wall illusion, Fraser’s Spiral, motion illusions and more!

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  • 50 different images
  • beautiful flat design
  • one touch/click interaction (swipe and touch/click)
  • soothing background music to keep you relaxed

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only.