Trace Your Name

Trace Your Name is the ONLY tracing app that is dedicated to allowing your children to trace their own name! Enter up to 4 names, and you can practice writing all day long.

Trace Your Name is geared towards children just learning to write their name. It allows them to trace their name over and over again without wasting paper. In Trace Your Name you can also practice writing the alphabet and numbers!

Trace Your Name allows you to store up to four names or words. You can change or remove those words at any time. Children can learn how to trace their name, individual letters of the alphabet or numbers!

Once your child has traced their name or the word on the screen, you can hide the guide letters and see how they did. As they get more advanced, you can switch off the letter arrows and just show the letter itself.

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  • Store up to 4 different names
  • Practice tracing your name
  • Practice tracing the alphabet
  • Practice tracing numbers
  • Show or hide letter guides
  • Six different colors of to draw with
  • Supports both left and right handed people
  • Zoom in and out on larger names