Z is for Zombie

While on an expedition to some recently discovered ruins near Machu Picchu in Peru, world renowned archaeologist Max Jones is bitten by an unknown insect. Hours later he dies. His interns transport Max’s body back to camp where an ambulance takes him to the morgue. Two miles from the hospital they are attacked. 48 Hours later all of South America is under martial law.

The rest of the world turns attempts to turn a blind eye to the events happening in Peru, but as the infection spreads news reports begin to leak out. 72 Hours after Max dies, the infection is global.

Hoping to stock up before it is too late, you decide to make a quick run to the mall to gather supplies. That was your first mistake

Available on:

Two Exciting Modes of Play

  • Story Mode – Play the game from start to Finish
  • Survival Mode – How many zombies can you kill in 90 seconds?


  • Calibrate your iPhone from the settings menu! Just click on the Info Button -> Calibrate. Hold the phone how you wish and hit Calibrate. Calibration only works up to a 45 degree angle from looking top down on the phone.
  • Click on the Pause Menu to exit the game or switch weapons.
  • Tilt controls – Tap anywhere on the screen to shoot, Tilt the phone to move.
  • Thumb Joystick – Use the Joystick to move, and the shoot button to shoot.