Why Are You Still Awake On Christmas Eve!

Why Are You Still Awake On Christmas Eve! is an album full of beautiful relaxing stress-free music to help you or your baby to fall asleep with a nice holiday setting. Walk through the winter woods and hear sleigh bells or sit back in front of a crackling file.

Available to stream on most major services.

Track Listing

  • I think I hear sleigh bells, go to bed quick!
  • Santa Doesn’t Come If You’re Not Asleep.
  • How Are You Not Sleeping.
  • No, you can’t have Santa’s cookies!
  • He’s Going To Skip Right Over Us If You’re Awake
  • You Better Not Get Up At 5Am After Staying Up This Late!
  • Do I need to call Santa and tell him you won’t go to bed?
  • Ho Ho Ho, now go to sleep!

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