In F is for Falling, the goal is to fall as long as you can without dying. Your player, a stunt man, jumps out of a plane wearing a special oxygen tank, right above an airshow. Dodging Airplanes, Hot Air Balloons, Helicopters, Rocketmen and Hang Gliders, not to mention all the birds, can you make it all the way back to earth without causing your oxygen tank to explode?

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There are a several obstacles you must evade on your way down:

  • Birds – From small birds to whole flocks of birds, they will send you spinning out of control
  • Hang Gliders – These guys fly back and forth and just get in your way.
  • UFO – this will blast you into smithereens
  • Hot Air Balloons – Slow and big, watch out!
  • Planes & Helicopters – These are as fast as they are deadly, they will CUT YOU UP!
  • Rocketmen – Small, fast but out of control, the gas tanks are fragile and will explode when you hit them.
  • Missiles – It wasn’t very smart to schedule missile tests during the air show, but they did! Watch out for these, they are rigged to explode on impact.


There are two also types of clouds you can use to your advantage, regular clouds and thunder clouds:

  • Flying through a regular cloud will slow your descent.
  • Thunder clouds will speed things up.