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An iOS Remote for the 6 Zone Monoprice Multizone Controller

Do you have a Monoprice 6 Zone Whole Home Audio system (item 10761)? Do you want to be able to control it from your iOS Device? If so, this is the remote for you!

This app will allow you to control your whole home audio system from anywhere in the world. You can turn each zone off and on, chance the source, adjust volume and tweak the bass and treble settings. If you have an iPhone that supports 3D Touch, use it to quickly power down the system. In the app’s settings you can also name each zone and source for easy reference, and toggle if you are home or away.

The Monoprice 6 Zone Whole Home Controller does not support remote control out of the box. This app was designed and tested with the Global Cache iTach Flex IP device in mind. You need both to connect to the controller! Make sure your iTach Flex IP is configured to work over a serial port using a 9600 baud rate, which is the default baud rate of the monoprice unit.


You can buy the Monospace 6 Zone Whole Home Controller by visiting their website, and the Global Cache iTach Flex IP is available on Amazon. Make sure you get both the iTach Flex IP and the serial cable adapter.