Find My Name

Find My Name helps toddlers learn to recognize and identify important information by turning it into a fun game. Parents can store a first name, last name, street address and phone number, and allow their children to practice finding them.

There are four game types: First Name, Last Name, Address and Phone #. In each game, the inputted information is displayed alongside 5 ‘wrong’ answers. When children find and touch the right answer they are rewarded by unlocking a new sticker in the sticker area.

In the sticker area children can unlock 100 fun stickers: cupcakes, owls, toys, buildings, plants and more. Drag the stickers onto the trash can to remove them from the screen. There are 5 different sticker backgrounds to play with.

Find My Name is designed with children in mind. There are not in app purchases, advertisements or outside links of any kind. When children open then app, they stay in the app.

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